About Track 61


Our Namesake: "Track 61" 


The sprawling New York City metro system is one of the largest and most traveled in the world. It is also home to miles of abandoned tracks and stations, including our namesake, Track 61-- a railway platform that runs beneath the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. Track 61 was once used as a means to secretly transport prominent visitors, like President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He was the first to use Track 61 to move his car from the station to the indoor parking lot of the Waldorf Astoria. In addition, Roosevelt was believed to have utilized Track 61 to avoid the public during his travels in the city for the purposes of hiding his deteriorating condition resulting from Polio. In 1965, the famous pop artist Andy Warhol reportedly hosted a private party on the platform, while many years later, Track 61 was prepped for use by President George W. Bush. Many insist that Track 61 is still secretly in use because of an “unmarked” street-level door at the hotel that may lead down to the mysterious station.

About the Restaurant

Located in an extraordinary space at 703B North Lamar Blvd., Track 61 Restaurant opened in April 2018 under owner Brooke Krizbai. Krizbai's meticulous attention to detail exceeds expectations, even within the restaurant community. She carefully planned every aspect of the restaurant with the pleasure of her diners in mind. Don’t be surprised to meet her at your table, as she often circulates the restaurant to meet and chat with our guests, giving you the chance to see for yourself her true passion for cuisine and hospitality. If you don't catch her at Track 61, you will more than likely find her at Volta Taverna, her other local restaurant.  Volta features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and serves Oxford’s Favorite Margarita on Oxford’s Favorite Patio.


Krizbai teamed up with former Oxford resident and industry friend, Chef Becca Richards, to offer this culinary-driven fare to the Oxford community. The food is NYC inspired, stationed in a street-art setting, reflecting the fun, urban feel of the city. Chef Becca has worked in multiple famous NYC restaurants and brings that talent to Track 61. Richards is currently the executive chef at Stoller Winery in Willamette Valley, Oregon.